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Stop Flapping!

Few of us like to be called “bird-brained,” but there are some wonderful insights one can gather observing our lovely avian friends. Birds fly three different ways: Flap [small birds have to constantly flap to stay airborne, and can only go short distances due to fatigue] Glide [some birds can flap up to a certain […]

We’ll See

“Most things I worry about never happen anyway.” ~Tom Petty I recently read an anecdote about a wise farmer who had tended his farm for many years. One day his horse unexpectedly ran away into the mountains. Upon hearing the news, the farmer’s neighbors came to visit. “How terrible,” they told him. “We’ll see,” the […]

Listen First

“Spouting off before listening to the facts is both shameful and foolish.” Prov 18:13 Surely none of us has ever experienced someone answering a matter before he or she hears it out… Were that true, surely none of us has been on social media, at a college, or have dealt with humans at all! Some […]

Do Your Best and Let God Do The Rest

Sometimes folks can land in polarized camps of thought when it comes to how much effort we should put forth in our endeavors to shape favorable outcomes in circumstances in our lives. Some folks think we should totally put things in God’s hands and say that since He’s in control, He will take care of […]

Silence is Golden

Some people like to talk. You might know of some people that enjoy hearing the sound of their own voice. You might even be one of them! I am in danger of being one of those people. In a group setting, I can’t handle silence and will just fill the awkward pause with words – […]

The Salt Shaker Principle

In life, sometimes people will do something wrong. (Spoiler alert: humans are human!) We have all at times most likely been on both sides of this and have experienced the guilt of own wrongdoing and also the frustration or shock when dealing with the actions of others. So what do you do when you catch […]

The Kitchen Window

Recently I was listening to an audiobook entitled “Beautiful Outlaw.” In this book John Eldredge relates a parable of the way we can develop tunnel-vision about our life, circumstances, God, and relationships. “One day a man decided to board himself up inside his house. He sealed off the doors, the windows, even the chimney.  He […]

The Power of Inception

Remember that movie Inception that came out a few years back?  With plenty of explosions and an intriguing plot, it was a pretty entertaining and engaging film. Central to the plot of this movie is the concept that a simple idea can take root in a person’s mind and have an unimaginably large impact on the […]

Learn How To Drive!

Driving is an adventure. The aggression and anger of “road rage” is not a foreign concept to both Christians and non-Christians alike.  It is very easy to get upset if someone cuts us off, impatiently tries to pass us, drives too slow, or just generally is doing something “foolish” that we’re not a fan of.  […]

Flavor of Reality

Do you view the glass as half-full, or half-empty? Perhaps you subscribe to one of the two main perspectives on this, or perhaps you deviate from the standard and think of some other clever way to look at it.  The amount of liquid in the container was never important, but rather how we perceived the […]

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