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Live like you were…moving

I tend to listen to music while I work quite a bit, and often tunes will get stuck in my head.  Recently “Live Like You were Dying” has been roaming around my noggin.  It is a song that makes you think, yet it is difficult to actually follow the advice of the song and truly […]

Making mundane magnificent

Sometimes getting on Facebook can be depressing. Whether it is seeing couples 10 years after my junior year getting engaged and married, or seeing the awesome adventures of those not bound by the grueling monotony of the 9-5 workplace, I can get a bit discouraged at times.  (Thankfully there are enough animated cat gifs to […]

Life Without Fear

  I don’t know about you, but I live a life of scurry, hurry, and worry! I am always stressed about something. The Bible says “be anxious for nothing.”  Incorrectly interpreted, I do just that:  I am anxious. For nothing!  Yet, I don’t think that’s really what it means… Recently someone asked me a simple, yet […]

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