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A Mothers Motivation

A Mother’s Motivation By Heidi Braun It was semi-dark in the living room with the blinds cracked half open. What time of day it was, nobody could tell or perhaps even care. A state of subdued silence had overcome the place, since no one felt much like talking. Maybe they were watching a movie to […]

Enjoy It

Enjoy It! By Heidi Braun “I’m so done with this! College is taking too long! Why can’t it just be over so I can start my career?” “I wish the lawn would just mow itself.” “Another six months of training for that promotion? What a pain!” Sound familiar? Who needs a lawn anyway? Maybe it’s […]

How to Stay Motivated This Year

By Heidi Braun With the start of this new calendar year, 2017, you likely have been thinking about and making goals for the months ahead. Many are using this time to make their “New Year’s Resolutions.” While the idea is popular, it is important to remember that this is just man’s way of counting time […]