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Satisfaction: your secret to happiness

Do you remember when the iPhone 6 came out? Remember how much better it was than the iPhone 5? Not long after, the iPhone 7 came out, and all those happy iPhone 6 users became dissatisfied with their current phones and had to upgrade. They thought that somehow their happiness would increase with this new […]

Learning to be content

This weekend I got the awesome chance to visit an Amish community and tour their way of life. It was a really cool experience and really got me thinking about things. These are a people who willing give up many of the luxurious we have today, to live a simple life in a world that […]

Seeing the things God does in our life

When a stranger opens the door for you, do you say thank you? What about when you get a ride from a friend? Or when someone gives you a gift? It’s easy to say “thank you” when a person does something nice for you, but is there one person whom we owe everything to, that […]

Be thankfull for the little things

  Be thankful for the little things We take things for granted every day. Some of the simplest luxuries many of us have, and would struggle without, can so easily be taken from us. Unfortunately, it’s only then that we learn to truly appreciate them. This week my car was in the shop and I […]