This will not be one of my regular blogs, but I wanted to write down all of my business goals for Affirmations Coffee in the year of 2016 and in doing so I hope to encourage you to write a list of attainable goals for yourself in the coming year ahead.

  • Apply for Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) License
  • Come up with Rewards for Kickstarter campaign and apply for government small business grants
  • Start Kickstarter campaign
    •April or May
  • Buy food truck all Coffee equipment and first supply of coffee


  • Open food truck for Business in the Fall

I will Also be writing a blog every month sharing small goals that I’m accomplishing to attain the big goals that are listed above. I will be using my brand new passion planner that I got off kickstarter to write down these goals and keep you all up to date on the progress of the business this way.


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