Live like you were…moving

I tend to listen to music while I work quite a bit, and often tunes will get stuck in my head.  Recently “Live Like You were Dying” has been roaming around my noggin.  It is a song that makes you think, yet it is difficult to actually follow the advice of the song and truly live life as though your time is soon coming to a close.

I was recently struck with a less morbid, and more practical notion of how to accomplish this in my life on a smaller scale:

In the past week or two, I have been considering the possibility of thinking about planning to consider applying to a job that would require a relocation. (Planning comes in a 245 steps for me…) While I have still not even applied for this job, it made me think about where I was [geographically] and consider what I would miss, and what I did not truly appreciate about my surroundings and the potential for opportunities.

So often we get used to the daily grind, and find discontentment in our environment.  Further, we also associate feelings with locations [ever get a knot in your stomach when you enter a particular city/area?].

Instead, why not make a “staycation” bucket list? Explore your own backyard!  Adventure is not just in foreign countries or exclusively linked to extensive travel.  Most cities have a “things to do” section on their websites.  Have you checked yours?



Whether or not I apply or get this job in question, I am resolved to make the most of the time I have where I am at.  I will see concerts, explore trails, get sunburned, visit cool restaurants,  dance in the rain, rent kayaks, people watch, go to Wal Mart and perform awkward social experiments, and much more, because if and when I leave this place, I want to feel content that I did cherish my time there.  I won’t look back and say, “I wish I had gotten around to doing ___.”  And I encourage you to do the same!


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