An Affirmer, Me? Sure!



Just what is an affirmation? When Cody Martin, owner and founder of Affirmations, asked me to blog for him; I embarrassingly had to go to the dictionary to find out just what this word meant. You would think that a semi-intelligent guy who works at an institute for higher education would know off the top of his head what an affirmation is; but I’ll be honest… I didn’t.


The dictionary defines affirmation as the act or process of asserting something is true, and additionally: as emotional support and encouragement. I graduated with my Bachelors in Communication Studies and have recently completed my Masters of Science in Leadership; so it is really inconceivable to me that I would be able to study logic, interpersonal relationships, and mentorship without ever adding the word “affirmation” to my vocabulary.


So why is this word so foreign to me? I do seem to be involved in enough situations that would require affirmation; such as being married to my wonderful wife Rebecca for almost two years, and the addition of my six month old son Judah. And I certainly do a lot of affirming validity in my Human Resources job, where I coordinate various personnel and job requests to be in compliance with federal regulations. Additionally, I enjoy giving positive reinforcement while serving in my local church congregation.


But I realize that affirmation isn’t an occasional act or requirement to be used at will in various situations. It is a way of life. Affirming others is an action that I must practice regularly in every way possible. Maybe that’s why I never learned this word. Maybe I need to start doing affirmation before I can learn what affirmation really is. Even though I live out my life in the quiet state of Vermont, surrounded by mountains and trees; I have the possibility to impact the greater world more than I know, and I want that to be in a positive, uplifting, and truthful way!


So no, I may not be that much of a writer, but I invite you to follow along with me as I explore and share all of the encouraging, uplifting, and truth-filled things that this world has to offer. Make sure to have an open mind, and keep a cup of coffee close at hand. Do I seek to become a great blogger? Not really… I want to be an Affirmer. What about you?

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