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You are Awesome! Hi, my name is Cody Stephen Martin I’d like to tell you about myself and the vision I have for my business “Affirmations Coffee”. I’m a happy-go-lucky person. I really just like to enjoy life and make every day the best day of my life. Throughout my whole life with all of the people in my life, I’ve always tried to help people out, build them up and help them to realize that they have value and are worth a lot more then they give themselves credit for. I have two older brothers, a younger sister, a future stepsister and a baby brother. My parents got a divorce when I was in fourth grade. It hurt a lot and still affects me to this day. I grew up going to church in the United Church of God, but when my parents got a divorce I stopped going because they stopped going. In fourth grade I did not like church at all and I didn’t really understand what was really being talked about. In fourth grade is also when I decided that when I grew up I wanted to be a chef in a restaurant, because I loved cooking and baking. In sixth grade that dream of mine changed a little bit and I decided that I wanted to actually open my own restaurant because I love talking to people and being with people. 
     I started going back to church when I was a freshman in high school because I started feeling convicted about going out on the Sabbath with my friends. I started going back to church with my younger sister Anna and my grandpa. My sister had never stopped going. She would get rides with my grandpa; so I started going with them. I actually started to really love church. I was learning about God’s way of life and how we as Christians are given the great command to go and preach the gospel. I made some really great friends in my home congregation and continue to make more and more friends in the church through church sponsored camps and weekends. 
     I’m originally from Minnesota, but I now live in Ohio where my church’s home office is. Long story short, I moved to Ohio because I needed to get out and be on my own. It’s been tough so far, but I have faith in God. He has always been there to support and provide for me. A few months after I moved to Cincinnati I was thinking about giving up my dream of opening a restaurant. I knew it would be difficult to operate a restaurant that would be closed on the Sabbath and I didn’t have a clear course of action for how it would be run. For several months I prayed to God for direction in my life. I asked Him to come up with a career plan for me and to open and close doors as He saw fit. Well, in July 2014 an idea came to me … I should open a coffee shop; the baristas could give the customers compliments, words of encouragement and sayings to bright up their day and make them smile. And the drinks could have words of encouragement, inspiring quotes and scriptures written on them. And the slogan could be “The place to go for a pick me up.” 
     This whole idea for a coffee shop came to me in about five minutes but a lot played into the idea. Like mentioned earlier, I had been praying a lot to God about life. I like helping people to realize their true value, which makes them feel good about themselves. also took the Myers-Briggs personality test and found out that I’m an ENFP. The description of this personality type titled “The Encourager” pretty much sums me up in a nutshell. For all of these reasons (and the fact I just really love me some coffee) I realized the perfect name for my coffee shop would be “Affirmations Coffee”
Everything in my life has contributed to the idea of Affirmations Coffee. Though it reflects me, I am not opening it on my own. I have so many friends and family helping me and encouraging me to keep moving forward with it, and most importantly I have God! 
Right now I am working full time, going to school for business management and trying to open this coffee shop. I’m very happy and excited to be doing all of this, and I want you to be here for the Ride. Check back at our affirmations blog regularly, new blogs will be put up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Eventually though there will be affirmational blogs everyday of the week (written by me and good friends of mine). I want the practice of affirming one another to become a habit in our own individual lives and communities. With small steps we can encourage one another to embrace the best version of ourselves and we can each become the change in the world that we want to see. You are Spectacular!
You are awesome! God knows it, and so should you!
– Cody

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