I Believe I Do Perceive

Our perceptions create our realities. Look up from your computer or phone, whatever device you are using to read this right now. Ask yourself, “What do I see?” After observing for minute, ask yourself, “How do I see it?”

One way to define perception is the way we understand and make sense of the world, the way we view our surroundings that we are submerged in. The sun is shining in North Dakota in March, and temperatures are above freezing. One person may view the sunshine as a wonderful release from the cold, a shimmer of hope for spring. Whereas another person may view the sunshine as an agent that is going to melt the snow and make a sloppy mess on the roads that will just freeze again and make for bad driving conditions and dirty shoes.

How do we decide how we are going to see the world around us? The amazing truth is that we each have our own individual choice in the matter. Personally, I decide to believe that there is purpose in everything, and I recognize that I sometimes I do not have control over certain things. I do however, have control over how I approach the events happening around me and the attitude I bring to them. One of my favorite quotes was said by Abraham Lincoln and it goes like this: “We can complain that rose bushes have thorns or rejoice that thorn bushes have roses.”

We have the ability to see life however we wish, to see the beauty or the ugly. The real challenge is to find the beauty amidst the ugly. This world can be a dark place, but there are corners where the sun always shines. It is up to you and I to decide for ourselves where we will spend our time. There will, however, be bad days for all of us, and things that happen out of our control like I pointed out earlier, but the perspective we have can make a huge difference in those bad days.

Do not fail to recognize your own capability to see the world the way you wish. To find the hope in the cloud of doubt, the smile in a crowd of sad countenances, a sweet song on this world’s discouraging playlist.

How do you see?



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