Lessons From a Bunny

You might have noticed the logo of this site is a cute little bunny. Why a bunny? What does this furry little creature have to do with affirmations? More than one would think!


A bunny, rabbit, hare, or pika (although with differences, I’ll use them interchangeably here) has many fascinating features and behaviors which we can draw lessons from. Take for instance the most obvious: they hop. Rabbits can move at incredible speeds, propelled by their strong and rather large hind legs, which pushes them up and forward with the ability to turn on a dime and change directions in a split second. What about us? Are we always moving up and forward in our life? What about the times where the world throws us a curveball, an obstacle that we just can’t seem to get around? A bunny can change directions easily, but still moves upward and forward after making the turn. Similarly, we should not let the “lemons” that life gives us push us backwards; but rather reevaluate the situation, change directions if need be, and continue on!


In a great article on the Miami University website (http://www.bio.miami.edu/hare/vision.html?1), rabbits are described as being able to see close to 360 degrees! They can view situations from every angle in order to make the wisest decision. They can see things coming at them from any direction, and are able to accurately plan their next move. What a great ability that would be, to really be able to have “eyes in the back of our head” (or on the sides for that matter)! In truth though, with some careful planning, mental preparedness training, and researching different perspectives, we too can have 360 degree vision! I will note that hares seem to have a tiny blind spot down the bridge of their nose- so I’ll take that information as “I should never look down my nose at anyone”!


Finally, and I think the most important trait of bunnies, is that they live in groups. This is very important for any animal, and also for us as humans; to not distance ourselves from others. Even an introvert can be positively impacted by being around others. If you find yourself feeling alone, if you feel as though you have no support, it is important to set up a network of relationships- even if it starts by being a regular at a coffee shop and getting to know a familiar barista or two! And remember, even if you are shy or are not really social, you never know when you could be that “someone” for someone else in need.


So here’s your challenge: try to be a little more bunny-like today!

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