“Pray as if it all depended on God and work as if it all depended on you.” ~Saint Augustine. What is this quote telling us? It’s saying that we need to believe that God will help us in any way we need Him to, but that we still need to do our part. So what is something that you want in your life? Money? A nice house? A nice car? A new job? Your health? Your own business?

Truth is, God can give us all of these things just by thinking it and He wants to! He wants to bless us and say yes to us as much as possible. Though at the same time, He wants us to work for what we want. If you want any of the things listed above you need to figure out a way to work towards getting it, and pray to God along the way to guide and direct your path.


For me, I’ve always wanted to help people and make as many friends as possible in this life. I asked God to help me figure out a way to do that, then He gave me the idea for Affirmations Coffee! My next step was figuring out a way to actually make this happen. So I came up with a rough draft for a business plan and also a rough time line on getting things done and in order. So far to get my business going I’ve started selling baked goods and also started this website. What I am doing right now to help me with this endeavor is looking for a second job that I can work full time during the day. This would allow me to work my current job part-time in the evenings during the week. I am also getting in touch with coffee roasters to set up times to taste their coffee and select which beans I want to use at Affirmations.


These are my plans to keep moving forward, but whenever I pray I bring these things up to God and I ask Him to open and close the doors that He sees fit for me to take. As long as we acknowledge God in all of our ways, He shall direct our paths.


To get money or a nice car or house or anything like that you have to work!!! God wants to give it to us, but we need to always do our own part. You can get all of these things by getting a decent paying job and saving as much as possible. Or perhaps you might need to work to get a new job, whether it be  furthering your education or just diligently pursuing the better job that you know you are qualified for. Either way be assertive!!


You are awesome! God knows it and so should you!

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