Crêpes and Gelato


If you have never had gelato before, you are missing out. It is like ice cream only better: richer, more full of flavor, and probably has better ingredients. Across from where I work is a little gelato shop which boasts authenticity of Italian originality and flavor. Don’t get me wrong, it is quite good (especially for the USA). However, I have travelled to both Italy and France and nothing can compare to a fresh scoop of your favorite flavor on a piping hot crêpe made in front of you in a little corner café on the streets of Paris or Nice.

To the disappointment of my stomach, I have found that this delicious treat is unable to be replicated in our country. There is just something about the way the French make their crêpes and gelato that is unsurpassed! Yes, my mouth is watering even now as I think about it. It is the perfect combination of sweetness and substance. So not only does it make a good dessert, but I could see myself eating it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as well (just don’t tell my wife or mother)!

The world today is filled with good intentions, well wishes, and positive awareness. But is there any substance to this sweetness? Where is the crêpe to go with the gelato? I’m sure that most everyone is aware of the poverty, neediness, and general distraught on the earth today.

We have all seen the person begging for money on the street, or a crippled woman trying to walk to the grocery store. We hear about the child down the street who was just diagnosed with cancer, and the tribe that just got relocated from their home town in a third world country. But these people need more than our money, well wishes, and awareness. They need our actions, our time, and our effort!

We should take a tip from crêpes and gelato, and add a little substance to the sweetness. Instead of posting an awareness ad for people with disabilities on Facebook, why not get off the computer and volunteer your time reading or mentoring at your local school’s learning disability center? Instead of buying a pink breast cancer pin, why not go volunteer at your local hospital? Why take the easy route out by sending money to big charity corporations who help the needy, when you can walk outside and teach an underprivileged youth how to ride a bike?

If you ever make it overseas to Europe, make sure you try some crêpes and gelato. And while you’re eating it, think about how it would taste were it just gelato, and no crêpe. Think about those who need help, and how you can add a little substance to the sweetness of the world.

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