This Aluminum World



The other day I was thinking to myself that I want to make a dent in the world. I told myself, “Shaylee, you are alive, which means you have the opportunity to imprint the world around you.”

After this thought, I started picturing the world as a large aluminum sphere inhabited by little aluminum people who drive aluminum cars and live in aluminum houses. They eat aluminum sandwiches and plant aluminum gardens. They tie their aluminum shoes with their aluminum fingers and smile at aluminum strangers on the aluminum streets.

Just as a pop can is easily dented, so is our aluminum world. Each one of us live on this malleable planet, making impact with every step we take. We make a little dimple here and a big dent there. Now, this is not a blog post about our carbon footprints or even the legacies we hope to leave one day after we have passed away. I am talking about our everyday actions, thoughts, and words that leave a lasting impression on our surroundings. You and I have the ability to influence the world around us. Every person we come into contact with, we make a tiny dent on. That cashier at the grocery store you smiled at when they handed you your receipt will go on with their shift having been dented with your smile. Your friend whom you complimented has been dented by your kind comment. The person you cut off on the freeway will go on with his day having been dented with your hurriedness.

The dents are inevitable folks. So why not strive to make good ones. There are millions of bad dents being made daily, and this aluminum world longs for some dents of service and love. Take a minute to think about your aluminum self. Do you see the dents? What caused those dents? Are some deeper than others? It turns out that we ourselves are susceptible to other people’s denting too.

Remember that thrill you got as a child when you finished drinking your pop and you got to crush the can? Maybe you still get that thrill. I sure do. I think it is because the thin, light metal succumbs so easily to the force of hands. However, have you ever tried getting that can back to its original form after it has been crushed? It is nearly impossible. Similarly, the dents we make on the world around us are irreversible.

Take a second to be aware of your breath. In. Out. You are alive. Now take a look around you. The world awaits your touch, your impact. The person sitting next to you might be in need of a kindness dent. Ask a question, say you like their shoes, or just smile. Wherever you may go, just remember the impact you have. As this aluminum world keeps spinning, let us make good, lasting dents.

Shaylee Thomas

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