Sabotaging Yourself



I have a list of negative traits that never seems to get smaller, only larger. I have a list of goals that are never accomplished. And I’ve discovered the reason for many of my failures… it’s me. I am to blame!

Have you ever felt the same way? Do you have a never ending bucket list of self-improvement goals? Ideas and intentions that have fallen by the wayside throughout your life? Have you ever stopped to think if you have been setting yourself up for failure?

Whether it’s ending bad habits or forming good ones, we all face a struggle of change and growth. This takes time, effort, and planning. But there is someone who always seems to get in the way, someone we can blame many of our failures upon: ourselves!

You’ve probably heard the idiom ‘your greatest enemy is the one staring back at you in the mirror’, and this phrase can often be more true than not. Ask any individual trying to quit smoking, drinking, or another addictive behavior and they will tell you that it is their own thoughts and behavior that gets in the way of their success.

We can sabotage ourselves in so many ways. Perhaps we place ourselves in the same environment where the bad habits used to occur; such as a bar or a friend’s house. Perhaps we associate with the same people who influenced the negative actions in the first place. By even placing ourselves in these situation, we are already setting ourselves up for failure! It is like cutting the wires to our car battery and then trying to go on a road trip, or going grocery shopping on an empty stomach while on a diet. Neither are good ideas, and neither will accomplish the desired outcome.

What about our goals and positive growth? Perhaps you want to learn a foreign language, lose some weight, go back to school, eat healthier, or be better at keeping in touch with friends. We can become comfortable in our current state; so even though we are well-intentioned, we never push ourselves to get off the couch or face awkward and nervous situations.

Additionally, we argue with ourselves, coming up with excuses to prolong procrastination or to diverge our forward thinking. When we do these things, we set ourselves up for failure!

Let’s stop sabotaging ourselves by placing ourselves in negative environments or around bad company, let’s force ourselves to be a bit uncomfortable, let’s knock off the excuses and procrastination!

I’m going to take another look at the things I want to stop doing. I’m going to update my goal list and prepare to start crossing things off. Will you join me?

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