The List


Several years ago I went to my church’s bible college and we had a lot of different and interesting classes, and in one of them we started talking about relationships, love, marriage and family. 

One of my close friends brought this up during the class, he told us the story of “the list”. His mom told him growing up that he should make a list of what he would like in the perfect woman for himself. She told him that the list could have anything on it, about looks and beauty to personality things such as be caring and kind. After he had come up with his list and his mom asked him questions to prompt him and make him really think what he wanted in a perfect mate, she turned the tables around on him. She looked at his list and then asked him what kind of man do you think this woman would be interested in?

To become the man he thought this said person would be interested in he needed to create a list for himself of the traits he would have.  He needed to create this second list so he knew what traits he needed and wanted to work on to become the perfect man. He didn’t do this alone, he looked for guidance and wisdom from people in his life.

Do you want to get married one day? Think about what you want in your perfect mate! What would be on your list? Blond hair? Tall? Plays music? Loves people? Someone who will push you forward in life? It can really be anything your heart desires, but remember that you also need to become the perfect mate for them. 
You’ll need to think about your traits and what needs to change now to get the one you want later. Some of the things that are on my list are:
They push me forward 
They like to meet new people
The like to serve people 
They will take time out for me

Your list will change over time, mine has gone through changes. But I want to encourage to do a self examination of who you want to become to be the mirror of your perfect mate. Have fun, talk to people, explore, and examine.

You are awesome! God knows it and so should you!


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