Two years

November 2nd was one of the longest days I’ve ever worked at my job. I work with people who have disabilities. Truth is I only worked 7 hours; I have worked longer days than that really, but it was long because there were a lot of issues that took place today. I started work at about 7 like I normally do and drove to pick up my first client like any other day. The client that I picked up today we actually just started working with last week and I didn’t know him very well. I can’t use his name so we will call him Jacob. I then went to  pick up my other clients like I normally would. The third client I picked up today was in a wheelchair and she has spasms so they can’t control her arms and legs sometimes. We will call her Jill. Jacob didn’t like her spasms so he hit her on her back left shoulder. I think part of his reaction is just because he doesn’t have a whole lot of room. I move him to another seat;things settle down so I go and pick up my last client.

Once at  their house I see Jacob hit Jill on her back right shoulder.I decided to move him up to the front seat to try to separate them more. Things started to cool down. I went up to the door and get my last client and brought him to the van and put him on the lift because he  is also in a wheelchair. We will call him Xach. I saw Jacob grabbing Jill’s feet because her feet are I ran to the front of the van and separate them. Jacob starts picking up pens and pencils that have been left in the van by other people and start putting the tips up to his eye. I take them away and any other object that he could use to hurt himself, the other clients in the van or  myself. Jacob didn’t  like me doing this, so he starts hitting me and trying to hit the other clients in the van. He starts picking up other clients belongings and throwing them. He then decides to get out of the van and I get out with him to try and keep him protected. (I’ve already called my supervisor at this point who has called Jacobs regular staff to come and take them home). He just walks around, starts to calm down and gives me a hug. But for some reason right before his staff gets here to pick him up, he takes the glasses off of Xach’s face, who was still on the lift, and pops out the lens. Jacob’s staff then pulls up and calmly asks him, “Do you want assistance to get into the van or do you want to do it yourself?” Jacob  walked into the van and closed the door.

All the trouble and events left me feeling bad. but I continued with the day as scheduled and got my clients to their day programs. Back at the office while I was filling out paperwork about the incident I found a scratch on my leg from where Jacob was hitting me. Shortly after this I began  work in our Day Program with other clients. We went  to  the park to hang out and have lunch.  After about an hour we pack up to leave.  As one of my coworkers runs to the bathroom quick, a client who likes to run outside and sit in the street gets up and out of  the van. I kept trying to redirect the client  to get back into the van, but she didn’t want to and scraped the glasses off of my face. I finally was  able to get her back into the van as  my coworker came back. We buckled everyone in and left. My face tingled from the glasses being scrapped off my face. It was a long day at work today!


Make today a good day
Make today a good day

Two years ago I moved from Minnesota to Ohio. I’ve had so many ups and downs that I can’t even count such as heart break, new jobs, new experiences, and financial issues to name a few. I was looking on pinterest the other day and found a quote that I really like: “Today is like coffee, it will be as good as you make it.” Something I’ve really learned in the past two years (and I’ve written about before) is the power of choice. This quote says it all. We make each day as good as we want it because we choose how we react. Like I said, today was a long day, but I didn’t really let it keep me down. I’m still choosing to make today a good day. I’m looking for those little things that makes every day amazing. For instance, I was supposed to work a 12 hour shift today at work, but one of my clients didn’t need me to work so I got to have the afternoon off. What a nice surprise! Little things can make a big difference. Choose to make today a good day

You are awesome, God knows it and so should you!


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      1. Just couldn’t sleep. I think I finally got to sleep around 6. We certainly have a big task in our hands; one that takes help from God for us to hold.

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