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The past couple of years I’ve really been working on planning my life out better. This is my third year using a Passion Planner, and my life has greatly improved from using it. I’ve tried other planners before, but I was never motivated to use them, its just not in my nature to plan out details. I’m way more of a big picture guy. But Passion Planner is by far my favorite and has really helped me get my life on track. I’ve even gotten a few friends of mine to start using Passion Planner.

The reason I am actually motivated to use it though is because it has challenges in it, monthly focus’s, people to see, places to go, things not to do, and monthly reviews to see if you have hit your goals for the month and year and also to ask you what you could do better, as well as ask what the highlight of the month and year was for you. This planner is kind of like a journal also. Plenty of space for you to write down your thoughts and feelings or what ever you would like to use the blank spaces for.

Planning things out ahead of time, instead of just going with the flow, which is my natural tendency, is helpful for so many reasons. For example because of planning ahead, I have been able to get bloggers to start writing every week for me. I still need to find a blogger for Wisdom Wednesday, but Motivation Monday, Tranquility Tuesday, Thankful Thursday, and Fearless Friday are all being covered by awesome people! I’m really excited for you to be able to get to know them through their blogs. All of the writers are good friends of mine, with amazing personalities! Also, because of planning Affirmations Coffee is getting ready to officially launch its Kickstarter campaign, I know its been a long time coming, but we have been working on the script and have been working on the rewards that we will be giving back also. The campaign is going to be pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Haha.

This week I have a lot going on, and its only the second week in January! This week I have a few business and personal meetings, I need to read a chapter in Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to money, as well as write out a bible study to give to my housemates and a few other friends, as well as a few other things that I need to do this week like special music planning/practicing for my church and planning a young adult weekend for my church with some spectacular people also. Its going to be an extremely busy, yet fun and exhilarating week!

I challenge you to start planning your week out more and see how much more productive you become! Become a Passion Planner!

The pictures in this blog are my mind maps for the coming future near and far.

You are Awesome! God knows it, and so should you!




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