Be thankfull for the little things


Be thankful for the little things

We take things for granted every day. Some of the simplest luxuries many of us have, and would struggle without, can so easily be taken from us. Unfortunately, it’s only then that we learn to truly appreciate them.
This week my car was in the shop and I didn’t have it for a few days. It didn’t take long for me to realize how dependent I was on it. Many times, I would head outside to hop in my car and head somewhere. Mid-way there I would stop and realize I couldn’t get to my intended destination because my car wasn’t there. I realized there’s a lot of basic things I do that require a vehicle, like getting groceries. I couldn’t even go to the store since it was too far away to walk. Many of the things I need to do throughout the week require my ability to drive and have a car. Having the ability to go wherever I want is definitely something I took for granted, and am incredibly thankful for now.
Maybe you’ve had a similar experience happen to you. Did you realize how you took that certain thing you had to go without for granted? Are you more thankful for it now? Maybe it’s something as simple as your phone? Have you ever had your phone battery die on you, with no charger nearby to plug it in to, and were forced to go an hour or two without your phone? Does that make you realize how reliant you are on your cell phone? Does it make you thankful to have one when you finally get that precious charge in? Try not using your phone one weekend and see how you cope with that. Try turning off the power to your house one night and lighting it with candles or heating it through a fire place.
The reality is many people don’t have the luxuries we have in the world. Imagine if they were handed everything we had right now. Imagine how thankful they would be for even the simplest thing like hot water, something we take for granted all the time, or imagine how thankful they would be to have a roof over their head. Ever complain about your living location? Imagine how many people would love to be sheltered from the elements like we are.
The fact is a lot of these people live around you. In the U.S. around 1.4 million people used homeless shelters and 578,424 were without shelter in 2014 (according to an article I found in the If you’re reading this, chances are you’re under a roof and are on some electronic device with an internet connection. Do you take that for granted? Are you thankful for that?
It’s important to make sure we are thankful for the things we have in life. I know that’s easier said than done, and maybe trying to go without something for a while will help you learn to be more thankful for the things in your life. Our amazing God and Father is who we should ultimately thank for everything we have in life. Make sure to thank Him in your prayers.

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