The Balancing Act

Organization and prioritizing is something that I’ve always struggled with, so Passion Planner has helped me out tremendously. A couple of months ago I had a post on our Instagram account and it was talking about making time for the important things in life. Going back to that thought, how balanced is your life? Is it all work and no play? Is it all play and no work? Or is it somewhere in the middle? Something that I’ve been tracking with my Passion Planner is where my priorities are. What are the things that are important to me?

I’ve been tracking this by color coding.

  • Pink = Affirmations Coffee
  • Blue= Personal
  • Yellow= Church Related things
  • Green= Work


With color coding I can tell if I’m actually living a balanced life or not. My natural inclination is to play and do fun things way more than doing things that I need to do such as work on Affirmations Coffee. I really try my best to balance play and work, as well as serving in my congregation for church services. With everything being color coded I can easily tell where I’m spending most of my time or what. If the week seems to be mostly one color instead of more of a balance of all of the colors, I know something is out of whack if one of the colors is dominating over the others. Haha.

How do you balance out your time? Do you have any tools or strategies? Leave comments below on how you balance and organize your life.


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