Learning to be content

This weekend I got the awesome chance to visit an Amish community and tour their way of life. It was a really cool experience and really got me thinking about things.

These are a people who willing give up many of the luxurious we have today, to live a simple life in a world that is always advancing in technology. They’re happy this way though. Meanwhile, when our “luxurious” we have today, like our phones or computers, are slow or not working right, our whole world collapses and suddenly you find yourself in frustration and unhappiness.

Ever get caught in traffic and be a half late to your destination? Well imagine driving a buggy and taking an hour to drive even the shortest of distances. Think taking care of your car is a hassle? Imagine taking care of a horse.

Be thankful for the lifestyle you’re living. Learn to be content even with our little inconveniences that don’t even compare to what every day is like for someone else. As said in in Philippines 4:11: “…I have learned to be content in whatever state I am.” We need to learn to be content, even in times of trials. Maybe God’s using that trial to teach us a lesson.

I think we all can learn a lesson from the Amish way of life, a slow simple life of work and appreciation for the little things without the distraction of our modern era. A life without the “hassle” of modern life. A life of being completely content.

Are we content when life doesn’t seem to be going our way? Do we let little things ruin our privileged lives? Let’s look at our lives and “inconveniences” and examine them and learn to be completely content

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