Do Your Best and Let God Do The Rest

Sometimes folks can land in polarized camps of thought when it comes to how much effort we should put forth in our endeavors to shape favorable outcomes in circumstances in our lives.

Some folks think we should totally put things in God’s hands and say that since He’s in control, He will take care of everything and we needn’t put forth significant effort ourselves because His will will be done whether or not we fret and toil over things.

Other Christians seem to take matters entirely into their own hands and despite admitting that God in control, they can act in a way that shows they are taking everything on their own shoulders and burdened with the brunt of the weight of life.

It seems obvious and elementary that we should strive for some balance between the two, yet all too often I think we lean towards the tendency of freaking out and trying to control every aspect of our lives!

The notion of finding some balance between the two came to mind during a music practice this week. A small group of us are putting together two songs to present soon for a church gathering. I had prayed that we would do our best and let God do the rest. Not only was I happy that I had rhymed, (apparently others have come up with this phrase before me) but what seemed simply witty became quite fitting. Whatever we set our mind to doing, we should give it our all. Further, we ought to have the confidence in God knowing that He can and will bless our efforts (if in alignment with His will) in ways beyond what we could do ourselves by worrying and fretting about it!

Live life. Do things. Do things well. Trust that God can make those good things even better when you do your best and let God do the rest!

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