Everybody Has Their Own Kind of Crazy

Earlier today I was listening to music on youtube and turned on Francesca Battistelli’s song “When the Crazy Kicks In” with my roommate, and we got on the topic of crazy lives and everything while watching the video. My roommate told me “your life is nothing like a mothers”, this statement is true, but I had to remind him that “everybody has their own kind of crazy”, meaning what’s crazy and super busy for me, might not be for you, or vice versa.

This week will be crazy busy for me, today March 4th, I had another day of training at my new job. I’ll be working part time at a local cafe earning extra money and gaining experience. But, I’ll still be working my regular day job working with people who have mental and physical disabilities, as well as all of the other responsibilities I have. I’m not trying to glorify being busy or anything like that. But I made the choice and commitment of getting a second job for a great multitude of reasons, just to name a few:

  1. I wanted experience in a coffee shop
  2. I need more money to be able to save and create an emergency fund
  3. I need to save up for things that I want to do
  4. I want to save up to be able to go to Australia for the Feast of tabernacles

Working two jobs and working on starting my own business, as well as being heavily involved in as many church activities as possible, keeps me busy and that is why I really like planning out my week and month and year ahead of time, because time flies, but I’m the pilot. I decide where I go with my time. With planning my time out, I’m able to see time in a more physical way and i’m more able to adjust things as needed to make sure that I get everything done, but I also have time to relax and really take care of myself.

I hope you make sure to plan time to rest, relax, and gather your thoughts. We all need to take care of ourselves and plan for all the things we want. Work now, take care of yourself, play later.


What’s your kind of crazy?

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