Turn The Water On

“Start writing no matter what, the water doesn’t flow unless it’s turned on”– John C. Maxwell

Lately I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding a topic or motivation to actually write something. I recently found the above quote while reading “Developing The Leader Within 2.0” written by John C. Maxwell. The quote helped me realize that to get something done, even with no motivation to do so, you just need to start!
Starting is sometimes the most difficult part because you might not have any idea where to begin. I am speaking from experience. Not knowing where to begin only builds on my doubt in myself. I fear that I will mess something up and that’s often when another quote (from an anonymous source) pops into my head:“experience isn’t something you get until just after you need it.” I realize I need to do something and that to get better at it I actually have to start working on it and gain experience.
The quote from “Developing The Leader Within” can be applied to a number of tasks such as homework, career work, starting a business, saving money, cleaning, reading your bible, and so many other things! You just need to turn the water on for it to flow.
As the new year approaches, just start! Start working on things you’ve been putting off and procrastinating on!
We all lose motivation from time to time and when that happens we just have to jumpstart it. Listen to an inspiring TED Talk, listen to encouraging music, listen to a motivational audio book and start! Usually starting small is the best way; as you become more motivated you can tackle bigger and bigger challenges and tasks.

You are awesome! God knows it, and so should you!

Cody Martin

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