Your mind’s not sterile

“The mind is a womb of ideas. Most childless minds are not sterile, but rather the victims of contraception” – Kenneth W. Royce. 

Which one is easier, watching TV or reading a book? Often we choose the path of least resistance despite negative consequences. 

Maybe we think of ourselves as unintelligent or someone who lacks that creative spark. Do we do anything to change that though?

To increase knowledge and increase creativity it takes work, work that we often aren’t willing to put in. Just like exercising your body, we have to exercise our mind. And as anyone who has stuck to a workout routine knows, it takes a lot of time, energy and effort to see growth.

Maybe at the end of the day when we could be improving our minds we take the easy path of sitting back and watching TV. Due to our laziness and bad habits, we never grow our minds and creativity. We hinder our own ability.

It’s not that we’re not able. it’s simply that we’re not willing. 

A few good steps to help you achieve your goals are: 

  • Set S.M.A.R.T goals (a quick google search will teach you about this)
  • Arrange the furniture in your house as to remove your TV from being the focus point of the room so you watch less TV
  • Use a planner (passion planner is the the planner I use)     

You can also improve your mind during the day when you’re doing day to day activities by listening to podcasts or audio books. 

Try picking up a creative hobby such as learning an instrument or writing. You probably won’t do well at first, but with practice you’ll see improvement.

Ultimately it comes down to yourself. You’re not incapable of being smart or creative. It’s not something you’re either born with or without. Put the work in and you can accomplish anything.

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