Mission statement:
“Let us come together to stir up good works, love, and encourage one another over a cup of coffee.”
“The place to go for a pick me up.”

Affirmations is all about serving! We are about serving a tremendous cup of coffee as well as serving the customer compliments and affirmations that will build up and instill a sense of value, purpose, and confidence. Even more than that, we at Affirmations are about casting our light into the world; and so 10% of our profits will be donated to charities every year. We plan on being the change in the world that we want to see.

Affirmations Coffee is currently a small start up business. We are in the process of securing a starting location and determining who our coffee vendor will be. Eventually, we plan on roasting our own beans. You can be sure that we will continually keep you informed on the progress of our business.


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