One Week to a Better You

One Week to a Better You
One Week to a Better You


One Week to a Better You” is the title of my first ebook that I will be publishing! Its a devotional week with the focus all about moving you forward in life.



Here is the outline to the book.

Survey Sunday– Planning out your week

Motivation Monday– Motivation to get you through the day

Tranquility Tuesday– Taking Time for yourself and gathering your thoughts

Wisdom Wednesday– Activily seeking wisdom

Thankful Thursday– Being thankful for all that you have

Fearless Friday– Conquering your fears

Sabbath Saturday– Spending set apart time with God


I’ve been rolling around with this idea for a long time and have finally gotten it all ironed out. Its a short, easy to read and to the point book to help get you thinking and changing your life for the better!


You are Awesome! God knows it and so should you!



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