Progress of the Business

Thus far progress has been coming along slowly, yet surely. We are starting to gain contacts and acquaintances to help move forward with the blog and the business itself.

I would like to announce that Affirmations Coffee is now an official licensed business in Ohio. We are moving forward with our plans, and we plan on opening up this fall as a food truck. With the LLC license we can now get an EIN number which is for business tax purposes, and with both of those we can open up a business bank account, which we will be using for when we start our Kickstarter campaign (more details on that to come)

I (Cody) need to apologize for not posting blogs regularly. I’ve been meaning to and writing lots of rough drafts, but sadly I haven’t been able to have them edited. That’s on me. Though, I have written an ebook and that is being published on the website and also on I have also be writing a second book that I am looking into actually having published in stores, still under the Affirmations Coffee brand.

I will also be posting several guest blogs in the near future from Jennifer Browning, Amanda Richards, and Michael Wilkins.


Check back with us soon for further updates on Affirmations Coffee and feel free to leave comments with ideas and questions.