Be The Hero

We have so much time on our hands right now because some of us are furloughed or laid off right now because of the Corona Virus. Even though we are not working right now does not mean that our world has to stand still. Since we have so much free time right now we need to be working on creating the future that we actually want.

I want to open my coffee shop with no debt, I hate debt with a passion and do my best to avoid it like the plague. So I’m saving up money out of my own pocket to put towards the business, I’m also a financial coach and money I make from that I will be putting towards the business also. I want to have an Affirmations Coaching division in the company. So I’m taking time to work on my business, I’m writing and posting more, and I’m working on finding more Financial Coaching clients.

I want to encourage you to take steps to work towards the dreams and goals of your life, turn your dreams into a reality! Start working on a business plan, create a budget to get your finances in order, take online classes to develop your skills. Keep chipping  away and making progress towards your goals!

Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want! Write out a step by step plan and slowly work at it. Get out your notebook or planner and write it out! create a mind map on what you want to do and set goals and deadlines! You have the power and ability to create the future you want!


Be the hero in your own story!

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